Syncing Up With the Moon Cycles

I love to think about all of the humans throughout time who have looked upon the same moon. Isn’t that a magical thought? Rituals and traditions have been created inspired by the travels of the sun and the moon across the sky. Legends of deities embodying the cosmic bodies have been told throughout time. Worship of the rhythms created by the celestial – rhythms we know deeply within us.

Aside from the pure allure of connecting with the collective – it makes a lot of sense to me to purposefully structure your months in a cyclical way. Any structure in and of itself provides a framework for growth, and I feel like a month is the perfect amount of time to plant seeds of manifestation, see it through to fruition, and reassess.

This is how I understand it:


New Moon: Time to set intentions, plant seeds of creation. This is exciting – you have a blank canvas ahead of you. Set intentions for what you’d like to see happen in your life. Dig deep and dream big!

Waxing: Time for manifestation, positive visualizations, make it HAPPEN. This is where the magic happens – allow this increasing energy as the moon gains increasing light from the sun to put things into action. Feel that inner power of yours and go get it.

Full Moon: Time to receive that which you’ve put into motion. Stand in your power, taking stock of what you have created with those new moon intentions. This is a great time to come back to a gratitude practice; sometimes we create big changes, and sometimes what we’ve created is more subtle. Look at these creations with a friendly curiosity, and kindness towards yourself. Take note of what’s going right in your life – both big and small.

Waning: Time to release that which is no longer serving you. Take inventory and release what is unnecessary. You’ve set intentions, taken action, and seen the fruits of that process; what have you learned? Is there anything you’re holding onto that isn’t necessary for creating what you want? This is a wonderful time to come in to an embodied movement practice and intend to feel a release to this kind earth of ours, always there, underneath our feet. Get quiet, listen to that soul that dwells in your heart space.

Now that you’ve gone through this cycle, you have come to a greater understanding of what needs to be done. Maybe it’s time to move on to a new intention, or maybe it’s time to attack the same situation with this renewed clarity.

Chart your success! Manifesting and making your dreams reality don’t mean a thing if you aren’t in appreciation of what you’ve achieved. Pat yourself on the back, treat yo’self.

Understanding where the full moon is in each of the zodiac signs can add some guidance and additional power behind your intentions. If you are curious about knowing more of the delicious details of the moon phases, transit through the signs, and what it all means, I highly recommend you sign up here for Jordan Younger’s (The Balanced Blonde) newsletter!! She gets into allll of the fun details about what it all means, and keeps you updated as the moon travels through the sky throughout the month.

Some additional references of fun, magic moon stuff:

Moon Phases and Magical Workings

How To Celebrate a Full Moon

Additionally – the most recent episode on one of my favorite podcasts “On Air with Ella“, she talks to Nicole Jardim about fertility, menstruation, etc and they also discuss syncing these cycles with the moon ✨

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